Website Backup

Website Backup Helps You Avoid the “What If”

You know Murphy’s Law, and it does apply to websites!

Website Backup Service

Don’t get caught with your website down. You need a website backup service.

Considering the time and effort you have put in to building your business, website and your digital data, doesn’t it make sense to consider the “What If” before it happens?

Our hosting plans include an automatic website backup of your site every night.

In addition, we can install third party software plugins so your website backup can be programmed to any hour of the day to a remote drive such as Google Drive, a Dropbox account or just to the root folder of your site.Great Website Backup Service

Data is encrypted before it even leaves the main server for complete privacy and data is stored following HIPAA-LIKE compliant protocols for added convenience.

So don’t wait and continue to wonder.