Components Your Business Website Needs

Components Your Business Website Needs

These aren’t the only components your business website needs, but if you’re shopping for a web design firm here’s some things you will need to be included in your website.

Opt-In Box

If you’re not capturing your visitor’s details with an opt-in box, you’re missing one of the greatest marketing tools available online today. An opt-in box is a place where people enter their name and e-mail address (or just their e-mail address, but we’ve found it’s useful to have more information like a phone number), and then they subscribe to your e-mail newsletter. You can start building a relationship with your subscribers with regular, useful contact.

Who you are

Generally speaking, if you’re selling either a product or a service, you’ll want your customers or clients to trust you. Part of building trust is sharing a bit about you and how your company got started.  Many times we’ve found a video will help.  If you’re willing to post a video of yourself on Vimeo or YouTube, that speaks alot to credibility and trust.

What you do

Obviously, if you want to sell your products or services, you’ll need to talk about them. This is where good marketing content comes in handy. If you’re not good at writing marketing copy that converts visitors into buyers, we can help.

Sticky content

Sticky content refers to any content on your web site that attracts people and keeps them there, kind of like flypaper. Consider your blog, articles, audio and videos, and other resources, to be the flypaper that keeps visitors “stuck” to your site. The longer they stay at your site, the more likely they are to convert into buyers. There is, however, a point where your content will hit critical mass and can be too sticky. If you give too much away, your potential buyers won’t need to buy. They’ll settle for the freebies and never convert into sales.

Contact Information

Potential clients and customers will want to know how to contact you for several reasons. If they can contact you, they can buy from you with the assurance that if they experience any troubles with the product, they’ll be able to ask questions or process returns easily. Also, they can ask you questions before they buy. There’s a long list of other reasons customers and clients may want to contact you, and they’ll feel safer buying if they can contact you easily. So provide a phone number and e-mail. That’s usually as much as people need to reach you and begin a relationship.

If you’re selling products or services online, in addition to these five components, you’ll do well to invest in an e-commerce system and a payment processing system. Forcing potential buyers to contact you to get purchasing information ensures that those buyers will go elsewhere most of the time. We live in a high-demand, instant gratification world. If someone is shopping in the middle of the night or on a Sunday and they want what you have to offer but they can’t get it when they want it, they’ll buy it from someone else who can deliver instantaneously. Don’t give your potential buyers a reason not to buy from you.

So how do you implement all this stuff? How do you get a web site with these components, plus good design, good usability, and strong SEO? Check out the pages and blog entries on our site and hopefully we’ll answer alot of those questions for you.

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