Build Business Website

Build Business Website that Performs

Let us help you be successful by using our proven methodology to build business website.You may have noticed that not all business websites are created equal. We believe the most successful websites—sites that rank and meet customer goals—follow these crucial 10 steps.

Responsive Website Design’s 10 steps for a build better business website:

Website Goals

Understand and establish goals and targets for the site. Examples include conversions like completed lead forms, newsletter sign-ups, products sold, etc. These become your success measurements.


Wireframe design for the main theme, interior pages, calls to action, etc. Locations of on-page SEO elements are also illustrated. Key site concepts are illustrated and agreed upon.


The new site design takes shape and one to three website mockups are created and presented. Your brand is well represented and space is made for your content and Internet marketing elements.


HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript are used to bring your design to life. Images and text meet your website’s functionality. Themes, sections, and pages are created while interactive elements are developed.

WordPress Training

We provide WordPress orientation and site training for your new website. With your site themes completed, you will learn how to add sections, pages, and content in order to manage all aspects of the site.


Content is king on the Internet and this will be your largest deliverable during the process.  During this phase, content is placed on your site. This includes copy, images, videos, and all other content your visitors will find, learn about, and interact with.  We’ll work with you on SEO (search-ability) but it’s your main job to describe what you do.


The site must be tested prior to launch. Copy needs to be proofed, interactive and on-page elements need to be tested and verified that they are ready for your audience.

Go Live

We update your links for the live URL, execute all the redirects, validate the website against errors, and launch your website to the public.


Your site is live now and marketing begins. You can leverage pay per click advertising, link building, tracking, and testing to start achieving your business objectives.